The Left Handed Cook has fallen into The Rabbit Hole!

And it’s a good thing, too!

logo_smallerTo ensure that our service and dishes are the best quality and presentation-perfect, we have opted to close our stall—The Left Handed Cook in the “downtown” area of the Midtown Global Market and put it in our new full-service restaurant—The Rabbit Hole on the outskirts of the Market.

What’s changed? Not a lot!

You may enjoy everything you would otherwise at the stall, but with a *twinkle in your eye* as you help yourself to a full cocktail and beer menu. And what’s more?! Real dishes… stainless steel… glassware! Oh my! It’s like you’ve died and gone to The Left Handed Cook heaven! But go ahead and pinch yourself: this is for real!

What’s “The Rabbit Hole?”

It’s our new restaurant where we’re mixing the bold flavors of Korean street food with a funky bar program and letting them lounge in an eclectic dining room. We want to combine the things that make dive bars awesome with the great food and the experience of Korean pojangmachas (street food tents) to create a whole new experience.

So then, what’s the difference between The Rabbit Hole and The Left Handed Cook?

The Left Handed Cook is your lunch, and The Rabbit Hole is your dinner. Like peas and carrots, both are vegetables, but one is more for rabbits, ya know? Does that make sense?

The menus are different for each mealtimeeach are more in-tune to their time of day. We hold a torch for our humble beginnings as The Left Handed Cook, and to all those who helped us along the way, while basking in the magical existence that is the entrepreneurial success-story of The Rabbit Hole. We dedicate lunchtime to the DIY spirit and to you!

Enjoy your Left Handed lunch! Then come back and enjoy Rabbit Hole dinner! Hoorah!!

Lunch Hours

We will open  for lunch as The Left Handed Cook at The Rabbit Hole from:

11:30-2:30 Monday-Saturday.


For the most current news and monthly special events,
be sure to check out The Rabbit Hole site

The Rabbit Hole

Thank you for your patronage at our old location, and we hope to see ya soon! <3