Harold & Kumar!!

Doshi Tray

Choice of Protein served with Rice, Salad, Kimchi, and Dessert.  Dine in only.


Bop Bowls

Our spin on Korean Bibimbap (mixed rice bowl). While there is no “best way” to eat this dish, we enjoy mixing everything together so you get every flavor in each bite.



Each sammie is served on a Salty Tart Milk Bun and served with house cut fries!!


Please no substitutions, our dishes were created to be enjoyed as they are. Enjoy!

* Can be made Gluten Free
+ Can be made Vegetarian (includes Dairy, Cheese, & Kimchi)

note: Consuming raw or under-cooked food can increase the chances of potential foodborne illnesses, but hey, have fun and live a little!

The Rabbit Hole drink menu


We take to-go orders! Give us a ring: 

(612) 236-4526
Please allow 15-20 minutes for preparation.

menu updated: January, 2014