We’ve got BIG news!  As of today, Oct. 5th, The Left Handed Cook will no longer be serving lunch at the Rabbit Hole. The Left Handed Cook & The Rabbit Hole have consciously uncoupled haha!!

Seriously, I had to write that! But for real, The Rabbit Hole will no longer be open for lunch service. You have read it right, we promise. PLEASE NOTE that The Rabbit Hole IS STILL OPEN FOR OUR NORMAL HAPPY HOURS/DINNER HOURS and that we will have NEW MENU items soon!!  We understand you may be in shock right now and asking “why the sudden change?” speculating this and that, and it might even bring you down a little bit…

*but turn that frown upside down* because like the crazy people we are, we are working on an itty bitty, teeny, tiny, something something.

A minnier of mini kitchens so to speak. A Left Handed Mini Me?????

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920 E Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

2 hour free parking with validation
available in ramp on 10th Ave.


Monday – Saturday

11:30a.m. – 2:30p.m.



The 19 Hottest Burgers in the US Right Now

Februrary, 2014

Here are 19 of the most buzzed-about burgers across the United States. What follows is a list of restaurants that have, for the most part, opened over the last twelve months. Among the choices are establishments that focus mainly on burgers, as well as restaurants that offer a wider selection of items in addition to a stellar burger.
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Twin Cities

Q&A with Thomas Kim, chef and owner Left-Handed Cook in Minneapolis

August, 2013

We were ready for a change. Kat (Melgaard, Thomas’ business and life partner) and I were over living in Los Angeles and wanted a slower-paced place. We spent a week here in January 2012, liked it and moved. That year, it was a nice, mild winter. Had we visited during this past winter, we probably wouldn’t have moved here…

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City Pages

The Rabbit Hole, coming soon from the team behind The Left Handed Cook

July, 2013

Thomas Kim speaks haltingly at first, taking sidelong glances at partner Kat Melgaard. She smiles, nods, and occasionally fills in the end of a sentence. The two are a little dazed — the result of a whirlwind tour through New York and L.A. before returning to their adopted hometown of Minneapolis. There might be a couple of dark circles under their eyes. However, like the expectant parents that they are, the gleam of excitement is luminous as we sit down in their new restaurant space to talk about their next venture…

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Andrew Zimmern’s Top 3 Local Food Adventures

July, 2013

“I think people drive too quickly down E. Lake Street,” says Zimmern. “There are any number of little mom-and-pop shops that I like stopping into for some tacos or menudo. It’s not just about the Midtown Global Market, which is also great, but might be a bit sanitized in some cases. For instance, Pupusería El Rincón Salvadoreño in Mercado Central (1515 E. Lake St., 612-528-5401) for pupusas and fresh blue corn tortillas. As for the Midtown Global Market, look for great fried chicken and short-rib poutine with kimchee and a fried egg at the Left Handed Cook. And at Salty Tart, custard-filled brioche doughnuts are my new obsession”… [ read more ]

CBS Minnesota

Curiocity: A Chef’s Profile Of The Left-Handed Cook, Thomas Kim

July, 2013

The Twin Cities are blessed when it comes to talent in the kitchen. The culinary minds at the helm of our favorite restaurants receive critical acclaim and top honors from food enthusiasts and reviewers, alike. But who are the people behind the chef’s coat? Our Chef’s Profile aims to find out… [ read more ]

City Pages

Signature Dish: The Left Handed Cook’s Thomas Kim

April, 2013

Few people in this world have the ability to move into an entirely new town and not only acclimate to their surroundings but have an immediate impact on their communities. When Thomas Kim and his significant other/business partner Kat Melgaard came to Minnesota from L.A. 14 months ago and opened Midtown Global Market’s hit food stand, the Left Handed Cook, people took notice, and they took notice in a big way. The food stall has won some of the highest praises from Minneapolis’s most critical eaters… [ read more ]

Minnesota Monthly

The Left Handed Cook: MGM gets some heat on it

September, 2012

If you’ve been to Midtown Global Market lately, you may have noticed something: it’s busy. Some of the complex’s socially engineered sheen has worn off as a critical mass of craveable eateries has helped make the place a bustling destination. The latest hot spot, Left Handed Cook, specializes in what might be dubbed Asian-American L.A.-style punk-rock street food—if there were such a thing. Owners Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard didn’t want to feel pigeonholed, so they launched with a free-spirited approach… [ read more ]

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine

The Left Handed Cook in South Minneapolis

July, 2012

I haven’t been this excited about a new talent in a new restaurant in years. The restaurant? The Left Handed Cook—except, it’s not really a restaurant.
It’s a market stall at the Midtown Global Market, run by a newcomer to town, Thomas Kim, who came here for the same reason a lot of local chefs did, because of love for a girl—a North Dakota girl, as it happens. That girl is Kat Melgaard, who grew up on a farm in Noonan, North Dakota, and lived in Minneapolis when she attended the Aveda Institute. She thought this would be a good place for her and Kim to set up their future and, boy howdy, I think they’re right… [ read more ]

The Heavy Table

The Left Handed Cook in South Minneapolis

May, 2012

Despite being tied to a physical location in the Midtown Global Market, The Left Handed Cook has the attitude, philosophical bent, and street cred of a food truck. This newly opened restaurant’s approach to food is shoulder to shoulder with much of the high-minded, reasonably priced grub crawling through the street of the Twin Cities right now: Its short but imaginative menu teems with the likes of sweet corn meets sambal butter, braised short rib meets kimchi and furikake, charred asparagus meets sesame leaf and chili sauce with pork mayo… [ read more ]


Neighborhood Development

2013 NDC Entrepreneur Awards: The Left Handed Cook

May, 2013

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine

Video Tour: Best Restaurants 2013

February, 2012

Kare 11

Global Flavors: The Left Handed Cook

June, 2012


 Harold & Kumar!!

Doshi Tray

Choice of Protein served with Rice, Salad, Kimchi, and Dessert.  Dine in only.


Bop Bowls

Our spin on Korean Bibimbap (mixed rice bowl). While there is no “best way” to eat this dish, we enjoy mixing everything together so you get every flavor in each bite.



Each sammie is served on a Salty Tart Milk Bun and served with house cut fries!!


Please no substitutions, our dishes were created to be enjoyed as they are. Enjoy!

* Can be made Gluten Free
+ Can be made Vegetarian (includes Dairy, Cheese, & Kimchi)

note: Consuming raw or under-cooked food can increase the chances of potential foodborne illnesses, but hey, have fun and live a little!

The Rabbit Hole drink menu


We take to-go orders! Give us a ring: 

(612) 236-4526
Please allow 15-20 minutes for preparation.

menu updated: January, 2014